Good News Travels Fast

31 Mar

Mary talking to DawnMary Barnett, a writer for the newly launched on-line news magazine, stopped by our class on Tuesday to interview us about CreateAthon. Not only did we get the chance to tell her about CreateAthon and what an awesome experience this has been so far, we also got to hear each other talk about what we have learned. It seems that just knowing what kind of issues we face as a society, like a failing education system, and that there are things we as designers can do to try and help, is quite the motivational incentive.

We told her what CreateAthon is, a 24 hour design blitz, pairing students and professionals, to benefit the community. We told her we are involved because we want to expand the role of designers in our society. We also talked about how we have realized that, whether we already have children or not, we have a responsibility as members of a community to help in our local schools because the future affects all of us.

And then came the most interesting question I thought she asked; “What can you as design students do for Dalewood Middle School?” That struck me as an odd question at first. And then I realized that most people don’t really have a good idea of what graphic design is. And here we are, going beyond the accepted definition of what designers do, and trying to affect change in a local middle school. So, we told her that we do not think we can magically make everything better overnight. Instead, we aim to do all we can to help, so as to start making things better. Many times we have heard that all these schools need is someone to help, someone to take action. So that’s what we are going to do.You see, design is the link between the initial idea and reality. We figure out the who, what, where and more importantly, the how. These are all actionable words. So, we are helping by taking action. It’s what we do.

Having Mary come by and interview us was refreshing. The news is full of the bad and ugly part of life. So for to care enough to spread some good news, about what we are trying to do, makes us all even more excited about April 8th and 9th!

Thanks Mary!

As for the article, it is up now on and our CreateAthon Facebook page!


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