Working Together

31 Mar

Shot of the daily board. Groups make thier plan of action.


Planning for all things CreateAthon is underway! All 32 design students, professionals, CreateHere, The Urban League, Hamilton County Schools and local businesses are partnering together for a twenty-four hour design blitz.  Through this, our goal is to motivate our community to make a positive impact in our local schools.  We hope to continue this event each year, with a different school.  A lot of progress has been made in preparing for the event at Dalewood Middle School coming up April 8-9.

How will we get it all done in 24 hours? By working together! It has been interesting keeping all thirty plus people on the same page. We find it works best for the group to divide into teams to conquer each task that arises.  Each team, print, screen and documentation has been working together to gather and prepare our resources.  When each team has reached a conclusion, we gather as a collective group to discuss our progress. We have groups currently discussing a one-sheet to go to community leaders, professionals and businesses, questions we have about the school and its needs, a screen team working on creating an online presence for the school, a method for displaying the students’ artwork and visual data, as well as a documentation team doing just that, documenting all aspects of the process. Each day we’re making a list of creative and logistics “to-do’s” and have been working together to get things done.  We are so excited for the site visit this afternoon and the events to come! Be sure to check back. More updates about the site visit and our progress are coming soon!


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