Chattanooga’s Potential

4 Apr

CreateAthon onCampus team discussing the gallery space with art teacher at Dalewood Middle School. UTC Department of Art, CreateAthonCHA 2011

The UTC students and a few professionals from CreateHere visited Dalewood Middle School Thursday in preparation for this weekend’s CreateAthon onCampus. We had the privilege of meeting the principal and art teacher. I was blown away by these two amazing people! The passion and enthusiasm they have for their students and teaching in general was palpable. It was thrilling to see in their eyes and hear in their voices the hope and dreams they have for their students. I had a conversation with the art teacher about how she has only lived in Chattanooga about a year, but fell in love with the city. She said she was most impressed with just the pure potential Chattanooga holds. What a great word choice for describing a city that is embracing the CreateAthon onCampus event. I couldn’t agree more!

As I listened to principal Rodney Johnson talk about his students and school with such pride, I began to think how lucky the Dalewood students are to have a leader who is so engaged with them. And how lucky they are to have a teacher who oozes enthusiasm and joy for art. Imagine how different the lives of Dalewood students would be had they not been so positively influenced by these amazing educators. I am positive these two educators are just the tip of the iceberg of excellent teachers at Dalewood. Our public education system is not a lost cause, because these two educators are proof of the passion behind making it work.


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