Community Involvement

5 Apr
students working
Dalewood students & UTC students during art class

CreateAthon is a huge opportunity for the community to get involved with education. According to CreateHere’s STAND survey, education is the number one concern of the Chattanooga community. It is our responsibility as citizens to act. The students who graduate will be future workers in Chattanooga; their performance in school ultimately affects us all. CreateAthon is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these children, to show them the opportunities they have to succeed.

Each person and business is equipped to do this differently. As a designer, I am able to use my talents to improve the learning environment and Dalewood. Other contributors are using their skill sets to help as well.

Recently, I saw a school in Dalton that invited the community for an Open House. They used this connection to build partnerships between businesses in the area and their school. One dentist who attended saw the need in the school and wanted to help, and so he came back a few weeks later and taught the preschoolers about dental hygiene. This made sense for him since he was a dentist. He used his talents and resources to make a difference.

Each of us have an opportunity to do the same. To use our abilities to help our children. I am excited to see how CreateAthon can build partnerships between our schools and our community.



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