When asked, we do.

6 Apr
Pep Rally Sketches

Pep Rally Sketches

This week is picking up steam! All of us as a class have been collaborating together to ensure that all of the slack is taken care of. All of us are a team, and we will continually be working to support each other. The process so far has been like a sprint, I hope that we can all keep up that energy during the 24 hours. I know that I will be doing my best to help lighten the mood when at all possible. I am proud of my classmates, all who I consider awesome friends. We all have different experiences and that is what is going to make this such a great project for all of us.

In prep for the 24 hour CreateAthon I have been working with the Doc. Team to figure out how we are going to show everyone what is going on behind the scenes. With the discussion time dwindling, it is almost time to start making our  “plan of action” for the Doc Team. Yesterday I worked on how we are going to record the pep rally that Dalewood is giving for the students. We are going to be working our hardest to bring you all of the action! More news to come! Stay tuned!


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