Let’s do this!

7 Apr

The 24-hour process is a couple days away and the junior and senior graphic design students are working so hard to make this CreateAthon successful. We have emails flying around, fliers going out, a one sheet, professionals are coming and it is a bunch of craziness but in a good way.  Never have I thought I would be apart of something so big and inspiring as the CreateAthon. Not only are we helping the kids at Dalewood Middle but also we are helping ourselves by learning real experiences that we may face when we get out on our own. Everyone says that you learn more when working for a company than inside a classroom and at UTC we are lucky that we are learning the outside work as well as the inside work.

I am so excited to get my hands dirty and leap into the madness that is going to go on in 24 hours. I am anxious to see what the outcome will be and hope that this is going to change the lives of a lot of kids, also inspire them to maybe be apart of something big like the CreateAthon one day. When we went to Dalewood for a site visit the kids are were full of spirit and actually asked if this is going to make them famous. We said, probably not but did try to get Ellen DeGeneres on board but of course we are still in the process of hearing back from her. This is a once and a life time opportunity and we have great kids to work with, I am very happy to be apart of this experience.


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