One More Day

7 Apr

The CreateAthon OnCampus is just one day away, and I believe the excitement is growing. The preparation for the event seems like some 24 hour blitzes in itself but once we get everyone together and working in one space I know the wheels will be turning as fast as ever.  We have been encountering and overcoming many obstacles along the way, and still have a few more to go, but for the cause I think it will be well worth all of our efforts. Planning for an event like this takes some real skill and teamwork, in which I am learning a ton. I originally thought that this event was just going to be 24 hours, and that was it. I now realize that something this big does not just manifest itself out of thin air, and not only that but I am apart of the process of creating it.  I would never have guessed some of the issues that needed to be addressed with an event like this, and has made me appreciate well planned events because it is not easy.  Everyone has been working like crazy apples to make this event the best and most productive 24 hours it can be, I can’t wait for tomorrow and I expect to see and experience some great design work.


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    […] Jensen-Inman and Helen Johnson and all the students and professionals involved in CreateAthon at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga have taken the CreateAthon model and molded it for their community. They are focusing their super […]

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