7 Apr

As graphic design majors, we go through school doing project after project after project. We concentrate on concepts, colors, layouts and type in classes such as Visual Literacy, Typography, Web Media, Processes & Materials  and Professional Practices. We’ve completed many fun and inspiring projects along our journey of developing our skills, but none compare to the current one: CreateAthon onCampus.

The Junior Design class working hard in preparation for Friday!

It is allowing us to engage not only with Dalewood Middle, but also with the community. We will have mentors from all over giving advice and being a great support system throughout the entire night.

This 24-hour creative blitz is also giving us the opportunity to work on a project for a real client and being a student, that is very exciting. Projects like this help prepare us for what is to come after graduation and makes way for us to expand our knowledge through experience. For example, just the organization and logistics stages have taught us so much about project management. There are so many pieces to this CreateAthon puzzle that we have each had to take on more responsibilities than we thought. Details as little as parking permits for guests, fliers asking for help setting up, and setting up an account on Facebook all become big parts of the process. It’s all an amazing learning stage full of awesomeness, and we CAN do it. I CAN do it. What CAN you do?


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