How can you stay energized? (8pm Hourly Update)

8 Apr

We had an awesome dinner, and are back into the full swing here at CreateAthon onCampus! As we reach the sunset, we’re starting to find ourselves in need of some extra energy! We’ve worked out a few methods to keep our energy up, and would like to share them with you (for when you do a CreateAthon event, wink wink!) So here it is:

How to stay energized

Tips from the pros at CreateAthon onCampus

  • Listen to some jammin tunes (we like Marvin Gaye and Queen)
  • Laughing
  • Thinking about all the awesome students and staff at Dalewood Middle

  • Stretching and doing yoga

  • Eating awesome food donated by awesome people
  • Collecting cans for charity
  • Dancing

  • Pump up the jam!

  • Singing
  • Kerning
  • Creative people
  • Filling in our shirts with all the awesome things we can do
  • Taking a quick bike ride up and down the street

  • Lots of coffee
  • Good friends
  • Plenty of Red Bull

  • Advertisements

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