WAHOO!!! We’re crossing that finish line!

9 Apr

Alright everyone, we have officially reached the end of our 24 hours.
Sorry to leave you alone for the past couple of hours, but we had to wrap up all the awesomeness to get ready for our presentations. Watch our live stream! You’ve followed us this far, follow us across that finish line and see the final products of all our hard work. We’ll begin presenting at 10:30am, and really hope you will watch!

It’s been a really incredible journey for all of us. We can’t thank you enough, our loyal internet supporters. You have really kept the energy up for us. The fact that you’re watching, that you’re proud of us and that you can see what we’re doing for the good of the community has kept us going in times of sleepless delirium. You’ve given us over a thousand blog hits over the hours, and kept the Twitter hashtag #CreateAthonCHA as the number one most used hashtag in Chattanooga practically since we started. Thank you so much for everything!

It isn’t over yet!!

Stay tuned on our Blog, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up with the continuing work as we finish what we’ve started here in the past 24 hours. Thanks again, and we’ll see you at 10:30!


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