My Experience

18 Apr

CreateAthon ended up being a whole different experience then what I thought. I was assigned documentation team. I was told not to question it so I didn’t. A part of me was scared. I have never used or edited video, and never worked with a really nice camera. I didn’t know what I could contribute to the documentation team due to my lack of experience. Then we got started and I felt like I helped out a lot by writing the script for the 24hrs. Even though it somewhat changed I felt like that was a big deal to get everyone on the right track. After so many hours into CreateAthon I was asked to join the Branding team. I was like “Hey Ok.” So I had a whole new experience that was so unexpected. I thought I had some skills with the pin tool in illustrator, but then I met Emily and Casey, seniors in the Graphic Design program, and I learned so much from them. So, now I am amazing at the pin tool. Together we came up with the two logos in black and white and in color. It felt good to be a part of the brand of Dalewood. My work was able to be a part of every group. I loved the teamwork with my fellow classmates but also with the awesome mentors that took the time out of their busy workweek to dedicate themselves to CreateAthon.

Another amazing experience I had happened after 24+ hrs. I was sitting in the presentation hall, before the Dalewood students got there, barely able to keep my eyes open. The students began to walk in and I said to myself, “Alright sit up, and act like you care as much as you did 24 hours ago.” An 8th grade beautiful young girl sits beside me with her arms folded. I ask her how she’s doing, and a couple more questions just making conversation questions. She just nods the answers and continues keeping her arms locked against her. The presentation begins, and she looks at me and says, “Is this where you all have class?” I started to answer her, but then I stopped and thought she has no idea what a college campus is all about. We went on the talk about her hopes and dreams, and at this point I didn’t have to pretend anymore that I cared as much as I did 24 hours ago. I cared more now. This project came to life. It was real, she was real, and I did something for her that day. I’ am sorry, fellow classmates, but the young girl and I were not watching your presentation, we were talking about her future. I think possibly that, that conversation she had with me might have changed her life, or at least open her eyes to the possibilities. Then the best part of it all was when she stood up, unlocked her arms and handed me a painting. She said, “Read it.” I did. Then she waited till I looked back up at her and she gave me a hug. That experience was greater then any grade I could receive from this project. I know for sure now I do want to be a teacher because I want to help so many others see their dreams as more then something you see when you close your eyes.


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