Why I Want to Do CreateAthon Again

18 Apr

CreateAthon Chattanooga was one of the best things I’ve experienced in my life.

the energy – the creativity – the teamwork – the perseverance – the genuine care for our community

It all blew me away!

I had never worked with a team of this size. I had never thought that a team of this size would be able to get along so well and accomplish so much in just 24 hours. Everyone was on task and kept thinking of more ways than what was planned originally to help Dalewood Middle School. It was clear that both students and mentors were eager to do as much as possible in the 24 hour period and beyond to make a positive difference for the students and faculty at Dalewood. This was also the main thing keeping us all awake and going – the knowledge that we can make a difference.

The biggest reward from this event, in my opinion, was the thanks and appreciation shown by the Dalewood Middle School students and faculty. After the community presentation on Saturday morning, they were excited and thankful. There were students handing out thank you notes they had personally made. It had been a while since I have received a hand made thank you note from anyone. It meant so much to me it’s hard to find the right words to explain.

I want to thank all of the Dalewood Middle School students and faculty for their support for this project. They believed in us, just as we believe in them.

Thank you note from Dalewood student


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