Lasting Impressions

21 Apr

Do you ever come home from a trip full of new memories and a refreshing attitude, but find yourself at a loss for words when someone says, “How was vacation? What did you do?”

Dalewood students, proud of their "I Can" tshirts

I have a similar feeling when I’m approached about my CreateAthon onCampus experience. How could I possibly sum up 24 hours non-stop excitement, with a sizable group of people, working around the clock for a cause greater than themselves?

I’ll give you my lasting impressions. The experience of participating in CreateAthon was like a droplet of water in a lake called “opportunity.” I’ve heard story after story from classmates, mentors and community leaders that the CreateAthon experience changed them. Made them better. Opened their eyes, and helped them realize what they’re capable of: giving back to a community that gives so much to each of us already. This, to me, is what the CreateAthon experience is about: a cause and effect chain of kind deeds for greater good. My takeaway from the experience, now that the Red Bull has worn off and we’ve resumed normal sleep schedules, is the fact that a group of people collectively came together as one super-unit of designers, thinkers, creatives and egalitarians.

To be a part of that experience is something I truly can’t explain. I can only be proud of the ripples of change I see happening in the lives all the people I know from CreateAthon.

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