Superman Status, Achieved

22 Apr

Achievement Unlocked

[Editor’s Note: Co-posted on]

If life had unlockable achievements then I and 60 other individuals would have just had “Superman Status Achievement” unlocked above our heads. CreateAthon onCampus Chattanooga 2011 edition on April 8th – 9th gave us the chance to do what we’ve all been looking forward to for so many weeks, a chance to give back to the community and become our own super heroes. In my own personal blog I’ve been continuously mentioning the movie Waiting For Superman and how it opened my eyes up to further working off self-determination to make changes for the better; and CreateAthon onCampus Chattanooga was filled with amazing people who all believed passionately¬† in the same thing. We all saw an opportunity to make a change for the children of Dalewood Middle and took it without hesitation, we saw a chance to become the Superman that we are all looking for.

The way I see it, calling ourselves superheroes isn’t over the top or too much. I mean, what is a superhero? Who do we define as such? To me, a Superhero is someone who saw at least one circumstance to do good in their life and make life better in someway and did so. Whether it comes to helping a child’s education, lending a friend a hand, or even just brightening up someone’s day, anything, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction to becoming your own personal Superman or Wonder Women, or in my case, one of Wonder Leslie’s Awesomenners. CreateAthon onCampus Chattanooga style was mine and many others way of making a difference and I hope, or more so, know that it won’t stop there. Everyone involved from this amazing 24-hour event will continue to build up their do good life achievements and turn this affair into an around the clock 24/7 lifestyle. I can confidently presume that we have all walked away with the determination and mentality of knowing that we, if at least for a moment, achieved Superhero Status.


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