Proud to be the Pebble

25 Apr

Inspiration Posters

At the close of CreateAthon, UTC Department Head Matthew Greenwell made the comment that the true measure of what was done in those 24 hours was not what would come in the next few days or even weeks, but whether or not we could be the pebble that moves the boulder for change. A couple of weeks removed from the event, it sounds like some big stones have started rolling. There are meetings happening, conversations taking place and things otherwise in the works that mean we may have done some good. My sincerest hope, as a student participant in CreateAthon, is that someday I will see pictures and read articles about a school once in need of some help, that is now a model institution in the community. I hope to somehow, someday recognize a student that I met during this event, that is now in college, on the right career path and proud to have gone to Dalewood Middle School. Of course our involvement in CreateAthon makes us proud, makes us feel good about ourselves, but really I haven’t heard any of my fellow classmates excited about putting the things that were designed in their portfolio, I hear them excited to see those things made a reality. Thanks to everyone who made CreateAthon a rousing success. It was so successful in fact, that my last hope is that we do it all again next year, and I, as a senior, can help the rising juniors do some good too.


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