A Blur

26 Apr

24 hours isn’t very much time. What can get accomplished in a full day? Not much by one person. Maybe a research paper that’s due the next day, or a few last minute touches on a paper. But certainly not something that can affect a whole community right? Wrong.

The 24 hours we spent on CreateAthon onCampus flew by me. When I think back on the event it almost feels like a dream. All of the late night dancing and singing, the endless photoshopping, and the middle of the night pow-wows seem surreal. Perhaps it’s because of sleep depravation or all the Red Bull scrambled my brain, but I think it’s mostly because it’s hard to believe that we accomplished so much in such little time.

When presented with the challenge of repurposing these weird podium/stage structures in the school, that hadn’t had a purpose for the past few decades, I wasn’t sure how my group could rehabilitate this space. We all had so many almost-great ideas, but none of them seemed right. Through countless brainstorm sessions and several large diagrams we were able to create a great solution. We decided the space would be utilized best by turning it into a sitting area and communication center. It was a great moment when we revealed our virtual solution at the end presentation and I heard gasps and instant applause. I think the greatest moment for me though, will be the continuation of this project—to really see it to the finish line. This group of students and teachers at Dalewood Middle is so fantastic, I want to give them something real. Maybe it won’t be exactly what we designed, but they deserve for us to see this through and hopefully with the support of the community we can make that happen.


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