When we come together we can achieve great things

26 Apr

[Editor’s Note: Co-posted on http://lindseyfhiggins.wordpress.com/]

The CreateAthon is now over and I wouldn’t change anything about it. The junior, senior, professionals and mentors accomplished what we wanted to accomplish and that was to help out Dalewood Middle School gain success. Through design thinking we all band together as one unified group and made a difference. In the beginning I had no idea what to expect, I was thinking that our mentors and the seniors would take the lead in the projects because they have more experience then junior class did. In my surprise the junior class took the lead, and the mentors would give their advice but if I had a nickel of how many times I heard “this is your project and you should make the final decisions” I would be a rich girl. I was so appreciative of how that atmosphere was continuous through out the night. I was very grateful for the professionals and mentors input and how they handled things that we couldn’t have done all that we did with out them.

The one statement that is going to stick me with through out this experience is something that Helen Johnson Co founder of CreateHere said to us in class. Helen was talking to Rodney, the principal of Dalewood Middle right after the pep rally. Helen was telling him how we are all so excited to be making a difference for your school. Rodney said “You have already made a difference here” taken a back Helen had asked “How have we made a difference when we haven’t done anything?” During the pep rally we had all the kids say a chant with us in unison and through out the pep rally we could see all the kids come together in one cohesive whole. This is what Rodney was telling Helen when he said we have already made a difference; Rodney had never seen his school come together like they did when we put on the pep rally. Like I said I wouldn’t change anything about what happened during CreateAthon, I’ve learned a lot and met many great inspirational people.


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