Well Worth the Work

1 May

When the first talks of CreateAthon was introduced to our class at the end of last semester, I thought a “24 hour creative blitz” would be just that, 24 hours. Through this project I have learned a great deal about event planning and coordinating that I did not anticipate. A lot more work and planning went into createAthon than I had originally imagined, there is a lot of steps when planning an event of that size. We had to call around to schools, establish mentors, design t-shirts, plan presentations, press releases, and much more.  It turns out that more than 24 hours of work was put in before the actually event, not even including afterwards and the work still to be done.

CreateAthon is now over but the mark that we all left on Dalewood Middle School, Chattanooga, and each other will be felt for a long time. 24 hours of creating, no sleep, dealing with each other and strangers was something that will be hardly forgotten. I am a student, so a “24 hour creative blitz” of surviving off of caffeine and late night craziness was nothing new to me, but this was different, working with a group of intelligent creative people with loads of energy gave me a natural energy boost to keep me gunning throughout the night.  It really amazes me to look back and see the kind of power we each have to make a difference in our community, to truly effect some else’s life. The kids were the center focus of this project, and being able to visit and interact with them was amazing.  After our last presentation on Tuesday I feel like they really understood what our project was all about and were very excited for what was to come. It was somewhat like the icing on the cake for myself when I saw them jumping and screaming when they saw the picture of the new platforms in the lobby, I remember one of the kids sighing saying “finally”.  After talking with some of the kids sitting around me and laying a baseline beatbox for one aspiring freestyle rap artist, I can say that I am very satisfied with our work and plan to stay involved with my community in the future.


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