Halfway through summer already?!

6 Jul

Is it really halfway through summer already? I am never ready for summer’s halfway realization the July 4th holiday brings each year. I’m usually faced with a little sadness that the fun days of summer are on the downswing, but also experiencing a little excitement for the upcoming school year.

This summer has a little more time realization (panic?) along with it as the CreateAthon onCampus interns realized we were already more than halfway to completing our independent studies this summer. I can say with certainty the past couple of group meetings have been refreshing and encouraging. One such meeting with held with CreateHere co-founder, Helen Johnson. She encouraged us to think of our work as templates for future CreateAthon onCampus events and that the work we are completing this summer has the potential to be utilized by other classes and schools. That visualization helped us to keep our projects focused on readability for everyone and keep it human. Knowing our work has some potential staying power is major encouragement.

At the end of the summer, we will update the blog with some of the specific projects we’ve worked on this summer that include branding work, heading up some tutoring programs for Dalewood, and other reading motivational/school spirit items. I can say that we would not be working on these summer projects if our passion wasn’t already behind CreateAthon onCampus and Dalewood. A challenge behind many 24-hour events, like CreateAthon, is that they fail to live beyond those initial 24 hours. These summer independent studies are working against that challenge to bring even more excitement to CreateAthonCHA. We’ve met our “clients”, or the students, and their faces continue to serve as motivation beyond a typical target audience.


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