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Opening a Door

23 Apr

During CreateAthon, around 2am when everyone was hitting their second wind or crashing from a sugar buzz, was when I realized how much we were helping Dalewood. I was so surprised, mainly because my original bed time is around 11pm, that I did not fall asleep even when my eyes began to protest. It was the energy the seemed to buzz around the building. The idea that we could really make an impact, a difference in the lives of so many children, that pushed each one of us onwards when we felt tired. It was actually inspiring to be a part of everything and having a team that meshed so well.

My main group was in charge of the art room which included creating a space for a gallery and more storage. The room was a massive area which was even better when our imaginations were in design mode. The possibilities became endless and for a while the task seemed daunting though we gladly accepted the challenge. Our group easily pulled together and decided what we were going to do, and how we were going to do it. In the morning each one of us had pooled our knowledge and created such wonderful designs.

According to our documentation team our room was the quietest, most of the others had music playing or were constantly talking across the room to one another. I find it funny we were considered quiet as many times when no one else was present the Star Wars quotes came out and we listened to Monty Python video clips. CreateAthon was so much more than a 24 hour blitz. It was something that brought everyone together in so many ways and taught us that even a day can make a huge difference.


Getting Ready

5 Apr

During everyone’s visit to Dalewood Middle School my group met with the art teacher, Michel Belknap, who we will be helping and working with during CreateAthon. Half of the group will be working on a gallery space in the classroom and the other will be working on a digital gallery.

All of this makes me realize: CreateAthon is almost here, this weekend all the collaboration will finally be brought together in our 24 hour design marathon. All the time everyone has put into this project continues to inspire and I’m ready to pull up my sleeves and get some serious design-goodness done. Designing for a good cause is one thing, designing with wonderful people in such a large group is even better.

I have noticed as these weeks have gone by my attitude and willingness to risk my already weird sleep schedule is changing. I admit to living in my own bubble of society and though it isn’t a small bubble I was blind to the school systems around me. I’m 21 years old and have no children. My extended family is lives in Ohio and with them my younger cousins. I have very little experience dealing with younger children. So it isn’t all that surprising my knowledge of elementary schools and up was lacking.

After watching Waiting for Superman and The Lottery my understanding of education in the USA was drastically changed.

It is no longer about my needs or wants, it is all about a middle school filled with kids who have so many futures in front of them.