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Halfway through summer already?!

6 Jul

Is it really halfway through summer already? I am never ready for summer’s halfway realization the July 4th holiday brings each year. I’m usually faced with a little sadness that the fun days of summer are on the downswing, but also experiencing a little excitement for the upcoming school year.

This summer has a little more time realization (panic?) along with it as the CreateAthon onCampus interns realized we were already more than halfway to completing our independent studies this summer. I can say with certainty the past couple of group meetings have been refreshing and encouraging. One such meeting with held with CreateHere co-founder, Helen Johnson. She encouraged us to think of our work as templates for future CreateAthon onCampus events and that the work we are completing this summer has the potential to be utilized by other classes and schools. That visualization helped us to keep our projects focused on readability for everyone and keep it human. Knowing our work has some potential staying power is major encouragement.

At the end of the summer, we will update the blog with some of the specific projects we’ve worked on this summer that include branding work, heading up some tutoring programs for Dalewood, and other reading motivational/school spirit items. I can say that we would not be working on these summer projects if our passion wasn’t already behind CreateAthon onCampus and Dalewood. A challenge behind many 24-hour events, like CreateAthon, is that they fail to live beyond those initial 24 hours. These summer independent studies are working against that challenge to bring even more excitement to CreateAthonCHA. We’ve met our “clients”, or the students, and their faces continue to serve as motivation beyond a typical target audience.


What’s new with CreateAthonCHA?

17 May

This summer, three of the junior graphic design majors who participated in CreateAthonCHA in April will be continuing work with CreateAthon-based independent studies. Elena, Dustin and Dawn will be working in conjunction with CreateHere to continue the projects that came out of the 24-hour creative blitz. While each student will be tackling different aspects of the follow-up work, they will be working together in hopes of seeing the projects come to life in Dalewood as well as seeing CreateAthon live on in future years. Make sure to add this blog to your feed reader or continue to stop by during the summer to read updates to the blog on new work and progress.

Stay tuned for another great CreateAthon-based event coming in June!

CreateAthon onCampus: Good for the Soul

19 Apr
Thank you cards painted by Dalewood Middle School students

Thank you cards painted by Dalewood Middle School students

[Editor’s Note: Co-posted on robinseaman.wordpress.com.]

Last weekend I worked alongside thirty-seven fellow students and over forty professionals staying up around the clock doing good for Dalewood Middle School. The experience was nothing less than thoroughly satisfying and overwhelming.

CreateAthon onCampus enables design students to work side-by-side with professionals– designers, developers, writers, architects, interior designers (you get the idea)– and produce creative proposals for non-profit organizations. This year marked the first of many future collaborations between UTC design students, community organizations, and professionals for the benefit of Chattanooga schools.

The thought of working for twenty-four hours straight filled some of us with a bit of trepidation, I’m sure, not to mention the prospect of working side-by-side with professionals. The results far exceeded the expectations. Knowing we made a difference in the lives of the students feels great, but realizing the creative blitz itself positively influenced each of us who participated is even more remarkable to me.The concentrated energy and constant learning during the event fed each of us and propelled us to the finish, student and mentor alike.

Of course, the finish I just mentioned was the end of the twenty-four hours. For me, and I think for others, as well, I won’t feel we are finished until I get the chance to help implement some of the proposals we made for Dalewood Middle School. The excitement I feel in knowing that the work we did isn’t just pie-in-the-sky what ifs, but actually viable proposals that will start benefiting the school right away fills me with awe and I’ve found I’ve been dreaming about the new gallery and art center space. (More on those in the next post.)

I have heard from mentors and fellow students that they are looking forward to working on CreateAthon onCampus again next year. I know I’m not alone in wanting to continue after I graduate  when participation will no longer be a much anticipated requirement, but an amazing opportunity. In fact, I would equate the CreateAthon onCampus to a weekend crash course in teamwork, project management, application training, writing, people skills, and time management–all at the same time–with the whole being greater than the sum of it’s parts because of the collaborative energy expended to benefit a worthy cause. And, that is good for the soul.

WAHOO!!! We’re crossing that finish line!

9 Apr

Alright everyone, we have officially reached the end of our 24 hours.
Sorry to leave you alone for the past couple of hours, but we had to wrap up all the awesomeness to get ready for our presentations. Watch our live stream! You’ve followed us this far, follow us across that finish line and see the final products of all our hard work. We’ll begin presenting at 10:30am, and really hope you will watch!

It’s been a really incredible journey for all of us. We can’t thank you enough, our loyal internet supporters. You have really kept the energy up for us. The fact that you’re watching, that you’re proud of us and that you can see what we’re doing for the good of the community has kept us going in times of sleepless delirium. You’ve given us over a thousand blog hits over the hours, and kept the Twitter hashtag #CreateAthonCHA as the number one most used hashtag in Chattanooga practically since we started. Thank you so much for everything!

It isn’t over yet!!

Stay tuned on our Blog, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up with the continuing work as we finish what we’ve started here in the past 24 hours. Thanks again, and we’ll see you at 10:30!

Interview: Helen Johnson (4am Hourly Update)

9 Apr

Helen Johnson is the co-founder of CreateHere, an innovative non-profit based in Chattanooga. She does amazing things through CreateHere and is here tonight as an incredible volunteer and partner. She is rocking it out with us and we are so happy to have her!

Awww snap. Elevator Confessionals: Part Two (CreateAthon Boogaloo)

9 Apr

The Doc Team hard at work

9 Apr

Big updatey-posts coming soon!

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