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What’s new with CreateAthonCHA?

17 May

This summer, three of the junior graphic design majors who participated in CreateAthonCHA in April will be continuing work with CreateAthon-based independent studies. Elena, Dustin and Dawn will be working in conjunction with CreateHere to continue the projects that came out of the 24-hour creative blitz. While each student will be tackling different aspects of the follow-up work, they will be working together in hopes of seeing the projects come to life in Dalewood as well as seeing CreateAthon live on in future years. Make sure to add this blog to your feed reader or continue to stop by during the summer to read updates to the blog on new work and progress.

Stay tuned for another great CreateAthon-based event coming in June!


What did we create?

10 Apr

If you missed our live stream of the wrap-up presentation to the community, you can still watch the video here. Check out more details of our proposed projects, video and photos from the CreateAthon event, and more!

CreateAthon in the News!

9 Apr

Check out this article in the Chattanooga Times Free Press today to see what other people are saying about Chattanooga’s CreateAthon onCampus.


Join us at 10:30 AM!

9 Apr

We’ve shown you a little bit of our work, a sprinkling of our plans, a few dance breaks, and even a couple elevator confessionals. But, what have we really been doing the entire 24 hours and what does it all mean, you ask? The entire CreateAthon team will present our projects and work from our 24-hour creative blitz to the community in a wrap-up presentation. If you are in the Chattanooga area this morning, please join us 10:30 a.m. in the University Center Auditorium on UTC’s campus. We will also be serving a light breakfast.

UTC Art Department Chair, Matt Greenwell; Ellen Hays with the Tennessee Arts Commission; University Chancellor, Dr. Roger Brown; Hamilton County Department of Education Superintendent Dr. Jim Scales; and Associate Professor Leslie Jensen-Inman in addition to representatives from each project group will be speaking in the presentation.

If you are unable to make it to UTC’s campus, but are at a computer, you can watch our live stream of the presentation. Follow the link below to view our CreateAthon Ustream page. Remember it will be a live stream, so you will need to watch at 10:30 a.m.


CreateAthonCHA Ustream Community Presentation

Interview: Matt White (5am Hourly Update)

9 Apr

You’ve heard from our fearless leaders and one of our mentors, so now it’s time to hear a student perspective. Junior design student, Matt White talks about his personal goals for CreateAthon onCampus.

Guest post: Victoria M. Bryan

8 Apr

Tonight I’ve found myself in a situation in which I never thought I would find myself as a graduate student in English: I’m in the UTC Fine Arts Center at 10:00 pm writing a guest blog post for CreateAthon onCampus Chattanooga. To make this experience seem even more surreal, I’m accompanied by design students performing the rap they just wrote about this fantastic project. We’re all full of caffeine, Red Bull, pizza, and beautifully decorated cupcakes, and despite the sugar overload, the impromptu dance parties, and the impending sense of delirium, I’m amazed by how much excellent work these students have been able to put together in such a short amount of time.

The work that is being done here is providing the design students with a lot of valuable experience and it will provide excellent learning opportunities and an improved sense of community for the students at Dalewood Middle School. This entire experience has been beautiful to witness. The videos of the pep rally this morning show students who genuinely want to improve their situation, a principal dedicated to making that happen, and college students invested in their community enough to come together to help. I’ll admit that they made me tear up a little.

While Dalewood Middle will surely be improved by the completion of this project, I think it’s important for these design students to realize just how much their student community is being strengthened by this experience. I was impressed when Leslie Jensen-Inman ended our first big meeting this afternoon by asking someone to say something positive about the experience at hand; I’m fairly certain this is something I want to implement in my classroom in the future.

The camaraderie within this department is something I hope these students appreciate and will continue to cherish as they move onward and upward in the design world.

What can you do? (9pm Hourly Update)

8 Apr

As part of all the crazy thorough preparation UTC’s Junior Design class did for this event, they made some awesome t-shirts for everyone that let each of us show off our skills. Each shirt has a blank space where the wearer can write what they can do right on the shirt. Check out what some of us here at UTC have written on our shirts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, a real quick shout out to all you guys keeping up with us. Thanks so much for taking an interest and giving us your support and love. Our twitter hashtag (#CreateAthonCHA) is officially at this moment the most used hashtag in Chattanooga! You guys are awesome, keep sending us the good vibes.